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Reef Men's Reef Fanning Sandal, Reef Women's Fanning Sandal
Reef Fanning Sandal

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Reef Men’s Reef Fanning Sandal Description :

Reef Men’s Reef Fanning Sandal Size:

  • Reef Men’s Fanning Sandal Size : 4 D(M) US, 5 D(M) US, 6 D(M) US, 7 D(M) US,
    8  D(M) US, 9 D(M) US, 10 D(M) US, 11 D(M) US, 12 D(M) US, 13 D(M) US,
    14 D(M) US, 15 D(M) US, 16 D(M) US, 17 D(M) US…
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Reef Men’s Reef Fanning Sandal Color :

  • Reef Men’s Fanning Sandal Color : Black/Silver, Brown/Gum, Brown/Brown, Tan/Black, Dark Brown/Vapor, BRIGHT NIGHTS, Black Ice, Brown Plaid, Reptile, White/Brown, WHITE/DARK GREY, Brown Lux, Dark Brown/Tan, Grey/Black/Glow…
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Reef Men’s Reef Fanning Sandal Features :

  • Rubber sole
  • Church Key bottle opener on outsole
  • Heel measures approximately 1″
  • leather
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